Анонс (24th Hiroshima International Symposium (Online) "Research on radiation and its effects in Kazakhstan and other countries"

18-19 марта в формате онлайн пройдет "24-й Хиросимский международный симпозиум (Исследование радиации и ее воздействия в Казахстане и других странах)". Данное мероприятие организовано исследователями. 
Симпозиум пройдет на английском языке (без перевода). Желающих принять участие просим пройти регистрацию на сайте (ссылка ниже).

(the announcement from the organizer)
The 24th Hiroshima International Symposium (On-Line)
"Research on radiation and its effects in Kazakhstan and other countries"

Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Kazakhstan officially supports ‟The 24th Hiroshima International Symposium.”

In this symposium, dedicated researchers gather not only from the SemiPalatinsk (current name is Semey) district of Kazakhstan (a nuclear test site that lasted for 40 years) and Hiroshima / Nagasaki, but also from various universities and institutions in Japan and Kazakhstan, as well as from the United States, France, Germany, and Russia. This On-Line (Zoom) English symposium will connect with all over the world. There are some specialized research presentations, but it is a precious opportunity for medical professions as well as the general public to deepen their medical and scientific knowledge about the effects of excessive radiation exposure on the human body and mind. 

Participation Fee: Free

Application Form: https://forms.office.com/r/wjL20fgYXc
Or please scan QR code on this webpage.

- The secretariat will contact you via the registered e-mail address.
- If you do not receive the email by 17:00 (Japan time) on March 17th (Thursday), please contact E-mail: heiwa[@]hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Time schedule of the meeting:
UTC: 07:00-14:00,   
France: UTC+1: 08:00-15:00,
Germany: UTC+1: 08:00-15:00,
Moscow: UTC+3: 10:00-17:00,
Semey: UTC+6: 13:00-20:00,
Japan: UTC+9: 16:00-23:00,
Washington DC: UTC-4: 03:00-10:00,
San Diego UTC-7: 00:00-07:00

PDF (English)  (updated 18 March)

Timetable on the program is shown according to Kazakhstan time (UTC+6)
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